Improvements of observing sites in

Quite a few improvements were deployed for the observing sites on Not much about the APIs, but the page itself, to find, filter and browse the observing sites in the world. And a new ‘Create Observing Site’ appeared as well. It will become operational soon!

Check it out!

Correlations vs usefulness of #BigData

Subrata Chakrabarti, for the blog

Correlation of data components among a myriad set of data doesn’t necessarily add up to the causality or meaningful derivation of underlying behavior (…).

Definitely along the same lines of my previous post on Correlations vs Covariations in data.

See VLT #data flowing into ESO archive live in!

That was a tricky one. But here it is, a first version of a « data waterfall »… the ESO archive. You can now simply watch the data flowing into it, live! This page will need a lot more tweaks in the coming weeks, and hopefully be completed with other archives!