A whole new dimension…

… of the answer to the question about « life, the universe and everythig. »

It reminds me the idea that if you ask a horse to draw a god, it will draw a horse.  

Anyway I am surprised I discover this about « 42 » so late. 

Teasing on Observing Runs…

As announced a few days ago, the Observing Sites page is back online. It is a very basic and functional page for now. There are still a few things in the Javascript Framework I use (Vue.js) I need to explore. In particular: the possibility to edit and add observing sites isn’t yet available.

But here is something I am busy with right now: Observing Runs, for which I needed Observing Sites. Looks like a online version of iObserve… 

A very first selection of an observing site inside the Observing Runs dashboard.

I know, I am building again a 3-columns-with-topbar layout… But I think this is clearly the most adapted to a pro app like that. More to come soon! 

Coming soon, a new Observing Sites page on arcsecond.io

I am actively working on arcsecond.io… and there is a lot going on behind the scene. One thing is new though: I start to enjoy front-end dev for the first time (you know, the mix of html, javascript and css), thanks to the excellent framework Vue.js.

Coming very soon, a brand new observing sites page! Stay tuned.