Trackbacks and the usual tendency of developers to promise too much

While developing this new website, I was wondering from where my visitors were coming. The squarespace site make it easy to grab this information. And clearly, people find it directly. 

This corresponds basically to what I think since the beginning: iObserve gets its reputation (and downloads) mostly through word-of-mouth. That’s great because I have not enough time and energy to spend for promotion. I did it once however in the famous ‘‘ website: here, with a follow-up here.

By reading again the comments, I am horrified by the amount of things I promised I’ll develop inside iObserve. These are usually still in the to-do list, but overwhelmed by the new stuff. Achieving a complete release of a software is an exercise of trying to put a storm of complexity into a fairly solid box, and say: look, you can now surf on it! That’s particularly true for an app such as iObserve which has more than 80k lines of code (and many custom connectors to crazy webservices, yes, I’m looking at you JPL horizons…).

The journey is far from finished!

Annoying bug for Mavericks Users

It has been reported to me that there is an annoying bug for Mavericks users with the latest iObserve version 1.4.0. The « New Object » sheet doesn’t appear at all. Sorry for that! I am currently fixing it and will push it ASAP to the App Store for review. In the meantime, you can use the ‘Import from list’ feature, in the ‘File’ menu (I know, this isn’t as good… Pro tip: Did you know that by alt-clicking on « New Object » you were actually opening the ‘Import from list’ sheet?…

New website…

… for a better identity in this infinite space called Internet.

The old website wasn’t really satisfactory to me anyway. I intend to collect here not only the portfolio of apps I have developed, but also those I am developing, along with the open sources project I am involved in. 

I have tons of things in preparation (including things that are not software), but for now, that’s enough to show only what’s available. I am happy to start over, again. The framework offered by Squarespace looks pretty good for me to spend more time on content, and much less on configuration.

I know I’ve posted many picture of the La Silla Observatory, but here is another one, because I was there again just a month ago. Still a magic place.