FITSImporter is an macOS Spotlight plugin for FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) files,
used by astronomers and observatories worldwide to store and share their data.
For macOS 10.7+. Open source on GitHub.


One-line Installer: Copy-paste the following command into a Terminal window (click here to check that it is harmless): 

curl -fsSLk | sh


Infos right into your finder automatically

Here is a typical « Get Info » panel applied to a FITS file, with FITSImporter installed.

Search right from your finder

A typical « search » in the Finder. As you can see, you can search for FITS files using typical astronomical informations (R.A, Dec and so on).

Be careful, though, the FITSImporter is not responsible for the automatic thumbnailing of the FITS images you can see above (in the CoverFlow of the Finder). That’s the role of QLFits, the macOS QuickLook plugin for FITS files.

Image Credits: ESO/APEX/DSS2/ SuperCosmos/ Deharveng(LAM)/ Zavagno(LAM)