iObserve Touch

iObserve is now on the web !
(see also the blog post.)

iObserve Touch on iPad brings almost every feature of iObserve on desktop to the beautiful canvas of the iPad.

Given the limited public, I didn’t expect too many reviews… but at least I got one! Here it is (and thanks to its author!):

Grade: A  ★★★★ I do a lot astronomy thru remote (but world class) ground to space observatories, where the sky in real time looks very different than from my local observatory. This app is a Grace of Gott when it comes to figuring out what DSO is best to target for what night at which geolocation at which time to get best use of the observation slots available…

and yes, it also works great for my backyard…

This is a breakthrough astronomy application, it isn’t as sexy looking as other AstroApps, but what it does is in terms of being an « easy button » in you getting the astroexploration of your hearts desire done is at a level by itself.

Image Credits: E.S.O./C. Malin